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FMK Credit Survivor Classes

FMK Credit Survivor ClassesFMK Education Center’s research, information and knowledge is placed in the hands of the consumer, through our Credit Survivor courses. We cover ways to improve your credit rating through our classroom structured seminars.

Learn the credit industry’s hidden secrets and the games they play when you apply for credit. Understand how you rank with the national credit score average and what can drastically drop your score in a matter of seconds.

Our classes and seminars are assigned monthly.

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Financial Literacy and Credit Education Topics

  •  Managing your Money
  •  Developing a successful Spending Plan
  •  Tracking your Needs versus your Wants
  •  Assets and Liabilities
  •  Developing a Progressive Savings Plan
  •  Choosing a good Bank or Credit Union
  •  Bouncing back from Bankruptcy
  •  Goal setting and planning for the future
  •  Short, medium and long term goals
  •  Emergency fund
  •  Home Ownership
  •  The proper way to write a check
  •  Managing your Bank Account
  •  How the Credit Card Reform Act Impacts you
  • Debit Card verses Credit Cards
  • How to avoid unnecessary fees
  • Bill Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Managing your Credit
  • How to analyze your personal credit report
  • The do’s and don’ts that affect your credit rating
  • The pathway to good credit management
  • Legal ways to upgrade and update your credit report
  • Ten ways to increase your scores in 45 days
  • How your credit score compares with the national average
  • What it takes to get your credit scores in the 800’s
  • Criteria used to calculate your credit scores
  • How to establish credit
  • What to write to collection agencies
  • The values assigned to different trade lines
  • Federal Regulations pertaining to credit

Fee: $25.00


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