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Welcome to FMK Credit Education Center

Founded and led by Florence M. King, a former employee of Equifax Corporation, FMK Credit Education Center is a company dedicated to educating the consumer on problem related issues that occur within the credit industry.

We help individuals take control of financial circumstances by applying simple methods to enhance, increase, and build credit scores.

FMK Credit Education Center is a community partner of Bank on DC.

Listen live to "Give Me Credit" with Florence King

Every week, Florence answers your questions on credit education, money management, and much more - giving you comprehensive, educational advice that is both enlightening and useful.

Tune in to Radio One WOLB 1010AM every Thursday afternoon from 4:30PM to 5:00PM

FMK Credit Survivor Handbook

The information needed to achieve the credit you deserve is right at your finger tips. Just read our e-book entitled Credit Survivor, packed with over thirty ways to increase or decrease your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit scores, plus information on how your scores are calculated and how you can score up to 900 points.

Purchase and download the Credit Survivor Handbook today for $9.99 and set your course to financial freedom.


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